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Below is a list of links to chat sites which I frequent. It also contains ways to contact me on any of them where applicable.

Tribal Voice is the home of PowWow. It's a great little chat program. It allows real-time chat between 2 or more users in a personal setting, and many more in online "Chat Communities". You can surf the web with friends, transfer files, and so much more. Click on the logo for more details.

Note: You must have Powwow installed and running for this button to work.

Connections is one of the friendliest chat rooms around. The old "Cheers" axiom applies here... Where everybody knows your name". Raju Trivedi has strived to make a user-friendly and fun place to hang out on the web. I think he succeeded. This chat room is the one I "cut my teeth on" back in January 1997 when I first started online chatting. This place will always be dear to me... Come find out why.

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