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Here is a list of people who I know online, with links to their sites where applicable. If you're not on this page it's because I've either not gotten around to adding you (It takes soooo much time to mess around with these editors! =) ) or (I'm ashamed to say this but...) It's completely slipped my mind to add you. (CRINGE!) =) Understand that it's not my intention to leave out friends, But due to the length of time it takes to edit a page (for me anyways) I just might miss one or two of you.

If you would like to be on my page, and you feel that my overlooking you is unjustified, cruel, and petty or just plain *STUPID* then Email me and I will add you asap with humble apologies on my part. You are all my friends, and I don't want to snub you.

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